Chartered Accountants

AccountAble Chartered Accountants is a small-sized firm which is principally engaged in audits of medium-sized companies and (non-profit) organizations.
We are also concerned with online accounting, tax returns and annual accounts for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Oproep aan de politiek

Het mkb, de motor van BV Nederland, moet zonder haperingen kunnen draaien. Steeds meer nieuwe regels: de controlereflex werkt niet. Wat wel werkt is samen investeren in vertrouwen, vereenvoudiging en voorspelbaarheid. Dat is essentieel voor een florerend mkb, sterke accountantskantoren, blijvende welvaart, banen, maatschappelijke transitie en innovatie. De SRA-accountantskantoren vinden het daarom belangrijk om de controlereflex te stoppen en roepen met een manifest de politiek op: 'Kies voor meer vertrouwen, minder regeldruk'.

Lees het SRA manifest

Efficient and high quality

Our philosophy is that quality is a precondition for our clients and we can be of more value for them being involved and accessible. With a small professional organization we are able the offer that.

We pay much attention to the quality of our services. Supervisory authorities test the quality of our organization and our work on regular basis. Efficient digital work methods help us to maintain very competitive fees.

Our Services

Our core activities


Online accounting

Compilation of annual accountants

Tax returns

Payroll service

We give advice on

Tax and economic issues

Company structures

Aquisitions or collaborations

Our focus

Personally involved

Flexibel and in time

High quality

Qualtity and service


Our services meet the highest quality requirements. To ensure this, we have an extensive internal quality assurance system and we are a member of the NBA and the SRA.

We are also in possession of a license to perform statutory audits. The (AFM) supervises this. This ensures that we can always assist you as an accountant, even as your company grows. We have embraced measures as stated in the report “In The Public Interest” and adopted the relevant proposed improvements..


We work with experienced, competent and committed staff in small teams. Due to short communication lines, a professional approach and years of experience in business, we are able to provide a very high level of service.

Dutch Association of Chartered Accountants

AccountAble is a
member of the NBA

Cooperation of Chartered Public Accountants

AccountAble is a
member of the SRA

Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets

AccountAble is licenced to
perform audits by the AFM

Our team

In random order

Marcel van Hoek

Salarisadministratie en controle

Arie van der Heiden

Samenstelpraktijk en administraties

Salim Boutahar


Marlene Littel


Dick van der Meer

Registeraccountant Controle en samenstelpraktijk

Marianne de Graaf


Diana Metzelaar


Anton van den Berg

Controle en samenstelpraktijk

Roger van der Veken